Velvet Cloud Vapor Review

Velvet Cloud Vapor is a unique company in the electronic cigarette industry. The San Francisco based company was started in 2011 by Aria and Julie to create boutique, gourmet products. The company sells all natural and organic e-Juice which is hand brewed in micro batches. If you are looking for unique tastes and a more natural product then you will want to take a close look at the Velvet Cloud Vapor product range.

Why Velvet Cloud Vapor e-Juice Is Different

Most e-Juice sold by electronic cigarette companies is mass produced and uses artificial ingredients. In contrast the e-Juice sold by Velvet Cloud Vapor is handmade from scratch. They use only Vegetable Glycerine in their recipes. The vegetable glycerine used is Kosher and certified as US Pharmacopoeia Food Grade. The company also uses only organic and natural flavourings for their e-Juice. Because of the small batches that Velvet Cloud Vapor makes it is able to produce unique flavors which are not available anywhere else.

What Flavors Are Sold By Velvet Cloud Vapor

When you look at the names of the flavors sold by Velvet Cloud Vapor you will be able to see why they are quite different to most standard brands. Each of the flavors has been given its own hip name which captures the artisinal feel of the brand. Some of the flavors offered by Velvet Cloud Vapor include ice beard menthol, blue beard tobacco, burley beard tobacco, night shift, monkey business, mountain maple breakfast, catherine the grape, vanilla custard, sour skittles and white beard tobacco.

Gift Cards Sold By Velvet Cloud Vapor

Velvet cloud vapor e-Juice makes for a great present for any electronic cigarette lover. To make choosing the right flavor easier, Velvet Cloud Vapor provides electronic gift cards which can be sent via email. The email includes instructions on how to use the gift card at the checkout. These gift cards are available in dominations of $10 through to $100.

Seasonal Blends Sold By Velvet Cloud Vapor

In addition to their regular favourite flavors, Velvet Cloud Vapor also sells seasonal blends. These are e-Liquids which match the seasons during which they are sold. At the moment they are selling seasonal blends such as chocolate pudding, harvest berry, wild cherry, candy bar, wild tobacco, peach tea and nutty cookie. The seasonal blends are another reason why Velvet Cloud Vapor is such as special company.

Contact Support Options

Velvet Cloud Vapor provides contact support by email and post. They also have a FAQ section where you can find the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Velvet Cloud Vapor is a boutique company so don’t expect the slick service you might get from a larger electronic cigarette brand, but Aria and Julie are friendly and eager to help you with any questions you might have.

Overall Recommendation

Velvet Cloud Vapor is like no other electronic cigarette company on the market today. If you want all natural e-Juice which is a little more hip than your regular brand, then you should pay a visit to the Velvet Cloud Vapor online store.

Green Smoke E-Cig Review

Green Smoke is an online electronic cigarette company that specializes in starter kits, e-liquids and batteries, providing you with the essential equipment you need to start vaping.

The online store is easy to use and all products have a description and photos, allowing you to make an informed decision about the best product to choose in your circumstances. Customers can take advantage of a number of different delivery options and competitive prices. Here is an overview of Green Smoke, with everything you need to know about ordering from this company

greensmokeCompany information

Customers can save money on their order by using a promotional or discount code; you will be prompted to enter the code prior to paying for your order and you could make a considerable saving. There are also a number of offers throughout the year, so customers should keep checking the site to view the latest discounts and offers. There are a number of navigation options and menus on the site, allowing individuals to browse through the products on offer with ease.

Products on sale

Customers can choose from a number of starter kits, including the Ultimate Starter Kit which contains three rechargeable batteries, a car charger, two USB chargers, a wall adapter, carrying case and ten cartomizers. This is all the equipment you will need to get you started, and you can choose from a number of different e-liquid flavors to use with your vaping device.

There are traditional flavors like menthol and tobacco, which you might want to opt for if you are familiar with the taste of conventional cigarettes that you may have used in the past. Other flavors include vanilla, chocolate and coffee, to name just a few.

Other information

There is a one year limited warranty available on products purchased from the online store, subject to conditions, and a 30-day money back guarantee on starter kits. Requests for refunds will need to be made directly on the website. Customers can contact the company about a query or for more information about a product via phone, email or an integrated chat feature.

Bedford Slims Review

I was a real smoker. What I mean is that I used to smoke over 20 cigarettes a day. To me smoking ordinary cigarettes is what I used to enjoy. The challenge that I was faced with is affecting people who where close to me. My wife does not smoke and she really hate the smoke from ordinary cigarettes. This is what lead her to presenting to me a gift which was a real surprise to me.

It was during my 50th birth day when she gave me a well wrapped gift .In opening I saw a white pack written with good writings `Bedford slims’ .I was eager and I opened the pack without hesitation .In opening the pack what I saw really resembled a cigarette.

That was when my mind thought of the electronic cigarettes that I had read about in different websites and specifically about Bedford Slims Review .I decided not to let my wife down and started using the electronic cigarette. This is Bedford Slims Review that I can provide after using the cigarette for over two years now.


bedford slims review

Packaging and Design

In case I was to judge the device using their packing and design I will really recommend them. The packing is really cute, a white box with the contents inside .The way the kit is packed I was satisfied that anything that will be inside will be secure even if it has been transported over a long distance.

Flavors of Bedford Slims

These electronic cigarettes have four flavors which include Tobacco, Clove, Dark Roast and Menthol. Personally I chose clove because I never wanted to let my wife down by smelling something near ordinary tobacco considering the effort she made to buy the gadget for me.

Vapor Performance

Actually the vapor performance for the starter kit that I have which happens to be Vapourette Starter System is really great. After a few puffs am able to get the satisfaction that I used to get in smoking several cigarettes a day. There are different kits available for Bedford Slims. From reading Bedford Slims Reviews from other websites all over the internet I can tell the other systems have great performance too.

Battery Life

The battery for the system that I have really lasts. Actually it depend on how often I make use of it .In average after charging the battery I can manage to have up to 300 puffs .Actually these are enough puffs to enable me reach another point where I can mount it on the socket again to recharge it. These are enough puffs to last you for up to 8 hours.

Variety of Starter Kits

There are four start kits available for Bedford slim. They include flavors such as 1.Vapourette Starter System start kit which costs $39. After buying the kit I was able to access a battery, a total of five cartridges, 1 USB charger and a wall adapter.

  1. Vapourette Start System which comes with 2 batteries and costs $49. The kit has also 5 cartridges, 1 USB charger, and 1 wall adapter.
  2. Aimee Wilder Vapourette Starter System. This comes in two option for the buyer to choose there is one at $39 which consists a single battery and the other one which goes at $49 having two batteries both have 5 cartridges, 1 USB charger and 1 wall adapter.
  3. Joshua Williams Vapourette Starter System. This has a different design but has all the features that Aimee has.

Warranty offered by Bedford Slims

The company offers a warranty for 30 days from the date of buying the system .For the warranty to be valid the customer with a complaint has to send back the defective kit. The company has to receive the defective kit before they replace another one for the customer to continue enjoying.

About the Company

The company started in 2010 .Although 2010 is not a long time ago the company has really achieved in producing quality e cigs that have been used all over Brooklyn. This can be attributed due to the fact that the company is Brooklyn-based.

Bedford Slims Review- Pros of Bedford Slims

1.Eliminates tar and bad smell experienced during ordinary cigarette smoking

  1. Usable almost anywhere even in places where ordinary smoking is prohibited
  2. Battery lasts longer
  3. Has rechargeable Batteries that increases the life
  4. Pleasant flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Clove and Dark Roast.
  5. 30-day return guarantee

Bedford Slims Review -Cons

Throat hit and vapor production experienced when using Bedford Slims is slightly lower than other brands.

Bottom Line

The company offers a warranty for 30 days. This is enough period of time for any user to confirm that his gadget really works.The price of Bedford Slims is also affordable for many users.

Can electronic cigarettes improve a smoker’s sex life?

smoking sex life

When you compare smoking traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, the difference is akin to eating cat or a candy.

The traditional smoker, in his inherent addiction to smoke, does grievous harm to his lungs. He also scathes his sexual potency largely. However, it must be admitted that smoking is never the sole cause to sexual dysfunction.

How smoking harms sex 

Sex is primarily built of two functions; erection and ejaculation. Smoking poses hindrance during erection. It does intensive harm to the spongy penile muscles and you may encounter eventual pain.

smoking girl

This is a major turn-off. In addition, traditional cigarettes contain carcinogens like acetone and benzene that lower your sexual urge and add free radicals to make you persistently weak. Nicotine, as is popular, is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it narrows the arteries and veins and thus blocks general level of blood flow.

Since erection is caused when blood flows into the male sexual organ, you can do your math.

E-cigarettes make the difference

E-cigarettes contain nicotine, but only 1/10th the quantity used in normal cigarettes. Thus, it doesn’t have a far-reaching impact, unless your lungs and sexual health are already on the mat. It doesn’t contain any carcinogens and that is primarily the reasons why celebrities like Johnny Depp and Katherine Heigl endorse it. Its electronic mechanism, in fact, has an enigmatic charm that adds to the sexual friction.

It is patently harmless and its use keeps you away from the harms that regular cigarettes bring in. You can continue smoking e-cigarettes and still maintain an energetic and balanced body. While smoking hampers your tendency to exercise, e-cigarettes don’t do any such thing. You may keep fit and the resultant increased blood circulation enhances your sexual prowess.

The problem lines

Even electronic cigarettes inculcate the habit of continuous puffing in you. This affects your rate of breath much like traditional cigarettes. Breathing control is an important factor in sex as you will get exhausted quickly if you cannot control your breath.


Other problem is that both forms of cigarette lead to inhaling nicotine; thus customizing your sense of smell. Since smell is a strong stimulating and arousing factor, any problem there may lead to an unsatisfied sex life. However, the inadequacies of e-cigarettes pale in comparison to a clear fact that it is largely innocuous.

Change of behavior

Most traditional smokers have reported the change of behavior of their partners once they switched to e-cigarettes. Their potency, urge and stamina were all positively affected. Smoking also leads to bad breath and partners find that a dampener while coming close.

E-cigarettes have minimal nicotine content and thus it has no such side-effects. Of course, the above points have side-tracked the deep-set dangers that traditional cigarettes cause. E-cigarettes evoke steam and thus there is no harm for neighbors. The low amount of toxic elements read infinitesimal danger even to the smoker.

The inference  

You can infer that while e-cigarettes won’t add to your sexual prowess, it is a far better option than traditional cigarettes if your sex life is dipping down.

V2 Cigs EX Battery Review

For smokers in search of a new e cig, the V2 Cigs EX battery review will give you more insight about the latest battery model from the trusted V2 name. The new battery is the longest lasting to be produced by the company, providing a longer lasting vaping experience, better vapor production, and fewer charges in between smoking the e cig, and flavor cartridges of choice.

v2cigsexbattery review

See all the specs for V2 Cigs EX battery »

Design –
A new sleek body, provides a smooth vaping experience. The company also replaced the plastic tip, to a more solid aluminum casing, which will help eliminate the build up of dirt and debris, and also provide a smoother taste blend. These features, along with the new LED indicator light, which glows with each puff, to let you know how much longer you have until the next charge, all provide a new look and feel to users who have experienced V2 in the past.

Variety –
With the new design, also comes more variety for e cig smokers; the body can be chosen in a variety of up to five colors. Sleek silver, blue, red, fiber, and bloom. A cartridge sleeve is also included with the purchase, providing you a simple storage solution for your battery pack, as well as the cartridges that you are going to carry around with you.

Battery life –
The new EX battery is powered by 280 maH, which is nearly two times the power that you will receive from the original V2 batteries, as well as other batteries on the market. This longer lasting battery, can get nearly 500 puffs per charge, meaning you are not going to have to continually charge the battery with each new cartridge replacement, as was the case with previous V2 batteries which you might have owned and used in the past.

Air intake holes –
v2exOn the sides of the new battery, there are also air intake holes, which are not present with other V2 batteries; not only does this let air in, letting you take deeper puffs. Once covered by the cartridge of choice, the air holes allow for deeper puffs, and maximum draw, which you did not experience with previous V2 batteries, and which will make the entire vaping experience greater for those who like to experience the full flavor blast, which each puff that they take of the V2 cig.

Drawbacks –
The fact that blank cartridges do not fit over this new battery is one drawback; additionally, the air holes do not get fully covered with certain cartridges, meaning the battery won’t activate until they are fully covered, so that you can experience the flavor and vaping experience you want to experience.

Although there are a few flaws in the new design, and issues with the cartridges, the overall consensus is that this new V2 battery is a great option for e cig smokers. Fewer charges, longer puffs, and more exaggerated flavor experience, are some of the great benefits you are going to realize, when you turn to the new EX battery by the V2 Cigs brand.

Get the V2 Cigs EX battery »

How does a chain smoker connect with e-cigarettes?


Cigarette smoking is a vastly addictive habit and in most cases, people get so drawn to it that they become chain smokers.

Chain smoking literally means when you ignite one cigarette from other and thus cause a smoking chain.

Now, a chain smoker shows distinct traits and begins to give distress signals when the cigarette is taken from him. He misses quite a few things; the throat hit; parched sensation on the lips, the feeling of holding fire between the fingers and the exhalation of raw smoke.

There is a seriously addictive ribbon woven to these traits that only a chain smoker understands and cannot live without.

How do e-cigarettes help?

Now, chain smokers are also humans, and in some cases, educated too. They understand the harmful effects that are well documented in regards to traditional cigarettes.

They also realize that e-cigarettes present infinitesimal dangers when compared to regular cigarettes. The best thing is that e-cigarettes don’t involve combustion.

It has been found that when tobacco leaves are burned, nitrosamines are released, which are very carcinogenic. Those chain smokers who can make do with relatively vapid throat hit and considerably less nicotine content will easily connect with e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes resemble regular cigarettes in the manner that both emit out gas, you inhale nicotine in both and there is a blaze at the front-end (LED light flashes in e-cigs).

You also hold it between your fingers and puff through your lips. So, the similarities may lead them to switch to e-cigarettes.

Other facets of chain smoker     

A chain smoker feels relieved and pleased when he has a good stock of cigarettes. Now, e-cigarettes are way cheaper than regular versions when bought in bulk. Of course, for many chain smokers, cost is a factor and thus they keep on changing brands.

The other factor is desperation. A chain smoker feels quite desperate when he gets into times where he cannot smoke, say in public place. You can smoke e-cigarettes in public places, as it is not banned and that is a great point in e-cigarette’s favor.

Of course, the throat hit cannot be compared. Regular cigarettes contain tar, toluene and nicotine in good quantity plus other carcinogens. E-cigarettes, at least the standard versions, don’t mess with the calibrated content.

The flavor conduction (mint, cherry or coffee) is carried by Propylene Glycol and that is however a toxic agent.

What needs to be done?

It is extremely hard to make a chain smoker quit the smoking habit. Thus, it will help if he can switch to electronic cigarettes.

His longevity will be positively affected and moreover, he will not feel deprived of essential energy. The respiratory mechanism is not significantly influenced, although there is risk of airway constriction.

By far, e-cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes – point of note for chain smokers.