How does a chain smoker connect with e-cigarettes?


Cigarette smoking is a vastly addictive habit and in most cases, people get so drawn to it that they become chain smokers.

Chain smoking literally means when you ignite one cigarette from other and thus cause a smoking chain.

Now, a chain smoker shows distinct traits and begins to give distress signals when the cigarette is taken from him. He misses quite a few things; the throat hit; parched sensation on the lips, the feeling of holding fire between the fingers and the exhalation of raw smoke.

There is a seriously addictive ribbon woven to these traits that only a chain smoker understands and cannot live without.

How do e-cigarettes help?

Now, chain smokers are also humans, and in some cases, educated too. They understand the harmful effects that are well documented in regards to traditional cigarettes.

They also realize that e-cigarettes present infinitesimal dangers when compared to regular cigarettes. The best thing is that e-cigarettes don’t involve combustion.

It has been found that when tobacco leaves are burned, nitrosamines are released, which are very carcinogenic. Those chain smokers who can make do with relatively vapid throat hit and considerably less nicotine content will easily connect with e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes resemble regular cigarettes in the manner that both emit out gas, you inhale nicotine in both and there is a blaze at the front-end (LED light flashes in e-cigs).

You also hold it between your fingers and puff through your lips. So, the similarities may lead them to switch to e-cigarettes.

Other facets of chain smoker     

A chain smoker feels relieved and pleased when he has a good stock of cigarettes. Now, e-cigarettes are way cheaper than regular versions when bought in bulk. Of course, for many chain smokers, cost is a factor and thus they keep on changing brands.

The other factor is desperation. A chain smoker feels quite desperate when he gets into times where he cannot smoke, say in public place. You can smoke e-cigarettes in public places, as it is not banned and that is a great point in e-cigarette’s favor.

Of course, the throat hit cannot be compared. Regular cigarettes contain tar, toluene and nicotine in good quantity plus other carcinogens. E-cigarettes, at least the standard versions, don’t mess with the calibrated content.

The flavor conduction (mint, cherry or coffee) is carried by Propylene Glycol and that is however a toxic agent.

What needs to be done?

It is extremely hard to make a chain smoker quit the smoking habit. Thus, it will help if he can switch to electronic cigarettes.

His longevity will be positively affected and moreover, he will not feel deprived of essential energy. The respiratory mechanism is not significantly influenced, although there is risk of airway constriction.

By far, e-cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes – point of note for chain smokers.    

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