Bedford Slims Review

I was a real smoker. What I mean is that I used to smoke over 20 cigarettes a day. To me smoking ordinary cigarettes is what I used to enjoy. The challenge that I was faced with is affecting people who where close to me. My wife does not smoke and she really hate the smoke from ordinary cigarettes. This is what lead her to presenting to me a gift which was a real surprise to me.

It was during my 50th birth day when she gave me a well wrapped gift .In opening I saw a white pack written with good writings `Bedford slims’ .I was eager and I opened the pack without hesitation .In opening the pack what I saw really resembled a cigarette.

That was when my mind thought of the electronic cigarettes that I had read about in different websites and specifically about Bedford Slims Review .I decided not to let my wife down and started using the electronic cigarette. This is Bedford Slims Review that I can provide after using the cigarette for over two years now.


bedford slims review

Packaging and Design

In case I was to judge the device using their packing and design I will really recommend them. The packing is really cute, a white box with the contents inside .The way the kit is packed I was satisfied that anything that will be inside will be secure even if it has been transported over a long distance.

Flavors of Bedford Slims

These electronic cigarettes have four flavors which include Tobacco, Clove, Dark Roast and Menthol. Personally I chose clove because I never wanted to let my wife down by smelling something near ordinary tobacco considering the effort she made to buy the gadget for me.

Vapor Performance

Actually the vapor performance for the starter kit that I have which happens to be Vapourette Starter System is really great. After a few puffs am able to get the satisfaction that I used to get in smoking several cigarettes a day. There are different kits available for Bedford Slims. From reading Bedford Slims Reviews from other websites all over the internet I can tell the other systems have great performance too.

Battery Life

The battery for the system that I have really lasts. Actually it depend on how often I make use of it .In average after charging the battery I can manage to have up to 300 puffs .Actually these are enough puffs to enable me reach another point where I can mount it on the socket again to recharge it. These are enough puffs to last you for up to 8 hours.

Variety of Starter Kits

There are four start kits available for Bedford slim. They include flavors such as 1.Vapourette Starter System start kit which costs $39. After buying the kit I was able to access a battery, a total of five cartridges, 1 USB charger and a wall adapter.

  1. Vapourette Start System which comes with 2 batteries and costs $49. The kit has also 5 cartridges, 1 USB charger, and 1 wall adapter.
  2. Aimee Wilder Vapourette Starter System. This comes in two option for the buyer to choose there is one at $39 which consists a single battery and the other one which goes at $49 having two batteries both have 5 cartridges, 1 USB charger and 1 wall adapter.
  3. Joshua Williams Vapourette Starter System. This has a different design but has all the features that Aimee has.

Warranty offered by Bedford Slims

The company offers a warranty for 30 days from the date of buying the system .For the warranty to be valid the customer with a complaint has to send back the defective kit. The company has to receive the defective kit before they replace another one for the customer to continue enjoying.

About the Company

The company started in 2010 .Although 2010 is not a long time ago the company has really achieved in producing quality e cigs that have been used all over Brooklyn. This can be attributed due to the fact that the company is Brooklyn-based.

Bedford Slims Review- Pros of Bedford Slims

1.Eliminates tar and bad smell experienced during ordinary cigarette smoking

  1. Usable almost anywhere even in places where ordinary smoking is prohibited
  2. Battery lasts longer
  3. Has rechargeable Batteries that increases the life
  4. Pleasant flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Clove and Dark Roast.
  5. 30-day return guarantee

Bedford Slims Review -Cons

Throat hit and vapor production experienced when using Bedford Slims is slightly lower than other brands.

Bottom Line

The company offers a warranty for 30 days. This is enough period of time for any user to confirm that his gadget really works.The price of Bedford Slims is also affordable for many users.