V2 Cigs EX Battery Review

For smokers in search of a new e cig, the V2 Cigs EX battery review will give you more insight about the latest battery model from the trusted V2 name. The new battery is the longest lasting to be produced by the company, providing a longer lasting vaping experience, better vapor production, and fewer charges in between smoking the e cig, and flavor cartridges of choice.

v2cigsexbattery review

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Design –
A new sleek body, provides a smooth vaping experience. The company also replaced the plastic tip, to a more solid aluminum casing, which will help eliminate the build up of dirt and debris, and also provide a smoother taste blend. These features, along with the new LED indicator light, which glows with each puff, to let you know how much longer you have until the next charge, all provide a new look and feel to users who have experienced V2 in the past.

Variety –
With the new design, also comes more variety for e cig smokers; the body can be chosen in a variety of up to five colors. Sleek silver, blue, red, fiber, and bloom. A cartridge sleeve is also included with the purchase, providing you a simple storage solution for your battery pack, as well as the cartridges that you are going to carry around with you.

Battery life –
The new EX battery is powered by 280 maH, which is nearly two times the power that you will receive from the original V2 batteries, as well as other batteries on the market. This longer lasting battery, can get nearly 500 puffs per charge, meaning you are not going to have to continually charge the battery with each new cartridge replacement, as was the case with previous V2 batteries which you might have owned and used in the past.

Air intake holes –
v2exOn the sides of the new battery, there are also air intake holes, which are not present with other V2 batteries; not only does this let air in, letting you take deeper puffs. Once covered by the cartridge of choice, the air holes allow for deeper puffs, and maximum draw, which you did not experience with previous V2 batteries, and which will make the entire vaping experience greater for those who like to experience the full flavor blast, which each puff that they take of the V2 cig.

Drawbacks –
The fact that blank cartridges do not fit over this new battery is one drawback; additionally, the air holes do not get fully covered with certain cartridges, meaning the battery won’t activate until they are fully covered, so that you can experience the flavor and vaping experience you want to experience.

Although there are a few flaws in the new design, and issues with the cartridges, the overall consensus is that this new V2 battery is a great option for e cig smokers. Fewer charges, longer puffs, and more exaggerated flavor experience, are some of the great benefits you are going to realize, when you turn to the new EX battery by the V2 Cigs brand.

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