Velvet Cloud Vapor Review

Velvet Cloud Vapor is a unique company in the electronic cigarette industry. The San Francisco based company was started in 2011 by Aria and Julie to create boutique, gourmet products. The company sells all natural and organic e-Juice which is hand brewed in micro batches. If you are looking for unique tastes and a more natural product then you will want to take a close look at the Velvet Cloud Vapor product range.

Why Velvet Cloud Vapor e-Juice Is Different

Most e-Juice sold by electronic cigarette companies is mass produced and uses artificial ingredients. In contrast the e-Juice sold by Velvet Cloud Vapor is handmade from scratch. They use only Vegetable Glycerine in their recipes. The vegetable glycerine used is Kosher and certified as US Pharmacopoeia Food Grade. The company also uses only organic and natural flavourings for their e-Juice. Because of the small batches that Velvet Cloud Vapor makes it is able to produce unique flavors which are not available anywhere else.

What Flavors Are Sold By Velvet Cloud Vapor

When you look at the names of the flavors sold by Velvet Cloud Vapor you will be able to see why they are quite different to most standard brands. Each of the flavors has been given its own hip name which captures the artisinal feel of the brand. Some of the flavors offered by Velvet Cloud Vapor include ice beard menthol, blue beard tobacco, burley beard tobacco, night shift, monkey business, mountain maple breakfast, catherine the grape, vanilla custard, sour skittles and white beard tobacco.

Gift Cards Sold By Velvet Cloud Vapor

Velvet cloud vapor e-Juice makes for a great present for any electronic cigarette lover. To make choosing the right flavor easier, Velvet Cloud Vapor provides electronic gift cards which can be sent via email. The email includes instructions on how to use the gift card at the checkout. These gift cards are available in dominations of $10 through to $100.

Seasonal Blends Sold By Velvet Cloud Vapor

In addition to their regular favourite flavors, Velvet Cloud Vapor also sells seasonal blends. These are e-Liquids which match the seasons during which they are sold. At the moment they are selling seasonal blends such as chocolate pudding, harvest berry, wild cherry, candy bar, wild tobacco, peach tea and nutty cookie. The seasonal blends are another reason why Velvet Cloud Vapor is such as special company.

Contact Support Options

Velvet Cloud Vapor provides contact support by email and post. They also have a FAQ section where you can find the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Velvet Cloud Vapor is a boutique company so don’t expect the slick service you might get from a larger electronic cigarette brand, but Aria and Julie are friendly and eager to help you with any questions you might have.

Overall Recommendation

Velvet Cloud Vapor is like no other electronic cigarette company on the market today. If you want all natural e-Juice which is a little more hip than your regular brand, then you should pay a visit to the Velvet Cloud Vapor online store.

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